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  Born in Nara JAPAN in 1953. Mr.Yasuhiro Kono's professional debut was as a member of the band of Eikichi Yazawa in 1974. After he had served as an accompanist with singers such as Masatoshi Nakamura, he played as a jazz pianist with various musicians including Richard Davis (B), Mal Waldron (P).
   With the Gulf War breaking out in 1991 as a trigger, he started the concerts for the nature conservation and world peace. Mr.KONO has performed various songs regardless of its genre as well as the jazz standard, trying to make people feel the wonderful joy of music beyond generations, with his theme of "simple narrative," "dynamic gameplay," environmental issues and peace.He moved to Kyoto from Tokyo in February 2012 due to radioactivity evacuation in the area, and continues performing with the aim of a nuclear-free world.


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